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DataOps Bonus: How it is deployed in AWS!!

What it is?

User’s who share their GPS location can be mapped to its locality. The locality consists of Pincode, geohash, state, city, town, and the distance in km from the locality. We may consider…

Clustering Lat Lon data in Pyspark.

How do we map geolocation?

For any device connected to the Internet, we try and map their geolocation. We get geolocation data from two data sources, client and IP address. For the users (client) who allow their GPS location, using data analytics algorithm we convert the latitude and longitude…

Although creating extract-transform-load (ETL) pipelines using Apache Spark is obvious to many of us, computing ML specific features at scale is still a challenge and interesting problem to explore as each business need/use case requires exploring a variety of algorithms and eventually scaling the chosen methodology.

In this post we…

Vipin Chauhan

A petrol-head who is a data scientist by profession and loves to solve any problem logically and travel illogically.

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